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What if I can't find what I'm looking for? Call us!

Can I get high fidelity audio files? Of course! High resolution files can be sent direct to you on Data disc. The disc will contain 48khz-16 bit .wav and .aif files.

Is there more than one mix of each piece? Yes, the production packages contain multiple versions of each piece of music. It's always a good idea to listen to the alternate mixes when considering a piece. Some are significantly thinner in texture which is great if you have a lot of Voice Over to support. Some alternate mixes change significantly enough to have very different vibe.

What are bumpers and stingers? Bumpers are generally short in length (60, 30, 20, 15, or 10 seconds) and are widely used for transitions or spots. Stingers are very short (under 10 seconds) and are great as punctuation or segment ends.

Can I use this music for video games, feature films, CDs or DVDs? Yes, but the fees will vary based on your usage. Please contact us for a quote for your intended use.

What is a loop? A loop is a segment of a piece which is edited to repeat seamlessly. Use a loop to produce a specific mood in your project for any period of time. Loops from different mixes of a tune can also be combined to produce customized arrangements of that piece. To finish your piece, simply choose a loop ending from that set. They allow you to design the dynamic arc of your piece. Simply find the loop which fits the mood of your project and past it consecutively or drag it out to fit your time line, finish by using a loop end to complete your arrangement.

What is the Groove Series? A Flying Trailer Groove is a piece that establishes a mood and stays there. Grooves are essential building blocks for your production. Built for voice-over, they are the meat and potatoes of project construction. They are consistent, reliable and unchanging to the end. When less is more, the groove series shines.

What is the Drone Series? Drones are consistent music beds, usually without tempo or beat, that establish a mood without being invasive. They range from ominous and sinister to ethereal and beautiful. Based on a tonal thread, they set the mood for your production.

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